What do you do if you feel the Winter Doldrums?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is known to many as the syndrome you can experience . . . now!  The days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping unpredictably and you feel other people snapping at you for no apparent reason.

Scientific research doesn’t agree on how widespread ‘SAD’ is.  However, researchers do agree it does exist.

IMG_0673-burying copy.jpg

And I can tell you how to address it if you know you are

·      slower to get to the gym these days (assuming you actually even show up!)

·      lazier about taking the simple nutritional steps you can take to jumpstart your system, and

·      more likely to be that person snapping at someone else

In general, lay out the simplest possible goals for yourself, so it’s not hard to stick with them.  Here are five simple goals.

Regarding workouts, if you just don’t feel like running on the treadmill, then walk 30 minutes.  And, even simpler, when you are home procrastinating, do simple stretches to get your blood flowing.


In terms of nutrition, don’t drink any less water because it is a time of year when you don’t sweat as much.  Water is always good for your system, all day long.  And, each morning, have one tablespoon of my ‘Elderberry Magic’


… elixir for those possible early symptons of a cold you may not even know you have!

Finally, once or twice a day, do a random act of kindness.  There’s no formula here.   Just try to live in the moment and help someone in a small way when it strikes you, even if it takes a couple minutes out of your day.

Overall, when you are feeling depressed – and I’m not kidding – laugh through the belly:  find a really funny friend, and start laughing together!

Remember, the days start getting longer . . . 10 days from now!