Develop your body, enhance your health, increase your happiness...

All while discovering your inner self.

Through personal training, holistic health coaching, nutrition advising, and cabinet sweeps, Life’s Decisions BLW allows you to focus on what is important to you.

Specific objectives may include, but not be limited to:

  • making workouts fun
  • uncovering the connections between what you eat and who you are
  • looking at all the realms of your life to unlock new keys to life balance

Personal Training

Meeting one or more times a week, you will work on a combination of different muscle groups and cardio activities.   Briana teaches you proper form, and introduces innovative and rewarding workout methods tailored to your strengths.   Fun and benefits go hand in hand, as a game plan emerges to produce steady results.  Injuries are targeted and fixed.  You will get stronger, leaner … and happier.

Health Coaching

Get to the root of your health concerns, over a three-month span of weekly or semiweekly sessions.  You and Briana will figure out what changes you need to adopt leading to better health and more energy.  Drawing from a wide spectrum of training, she will identify lifestyle changes to improve your life.

Nutrition Advising

Trained in nutrition, bio-individuality and mentoring, Briana fills the gaps left by doctors and nutritionists in identifying  sources of melancholy, allergic reactions and digestion issues.  She helps you wade through the world’s endless supply of contradictory advice.  You become aware of what is in foods and get to the root of why you are choosing those foods.  You will discover that modifying current eating habits is exciting.

Cabinet Sweeps

In one of the most distinctive aspects of Briana’s success, she comes to your home and goes through your kitchen, explaining to you what is good and what is bad in most of the items.  You and she then meet at a local grocery or farmers market, with the intention to purchase new and exciting foods to replace the unhealthy ones.  You will marvel at how much is accomplished via a few tweaks.

Price List

personal training

$100 per hour

$150 – 2 people/1 hour


holistic health coaching / nutrition advising

3-month program, 1-hour sessions

1 time a month $100

4 times a month $400

8 times a month $800


cabinet sweeps

$150 each time, which includes both days (in-home + shop)