What Briana's Clients are saying:


"Briana seemed to know that I needed a cheerleader, not a drill sergeant.  She does push me to new levels of fitness but at my speed and comfort level.   She has encouraged me to take control of my health and wellness with wonderful tips on healthy eating and lifestyle choices.  I feel healthier now in my fifties than I did when I was younger, thanks to Briana."

       – Marcia P.

"She would see me at the gym during my own workouts and come over and redirect me if I was not using a machine correctly or offer a suggestion for a different way to more safely work on a particular muscle group.  Fast forward to where I am today:  Briana is now my personal trainer.  She has encouraged me to fuel my workouts with proper nutrition, to drink more fluids, to reduce salt.  What makes Briana more than my personal trainer and really my life coach is that she is passionate, caring and a truly dedicated professional."

       – Hal B.


"It’s probably only been a year or so, but I can barely recall when Briana wasn’t a positive factor in my life.  She has enormous energy and empathy for any aches or pains or issues I may be having.   She is very flexible, and extremely helpful when it comes to motivating me to go to the next level.  She lives a very healthy life herself, and that’s inspirational.  I doubt I would be in the shape I’m in (better than most of my friends) without her."

       – Judi M.


"She is not just our personal trainer but has been our personal health coach for the past five years!  Besides providing workout regimes for us, she has given us dietary tips that have helped improve our quality of life. We especially loved Briana’s cabinet sweep to rid our home of unhealthy items, and the suggestions for their healthy alternatives."

       – Ivy and Ben G.


"Briana is so much more than a traditional personal trainer.  Not only has she helped me get back in shape and have more energy, she has also given me invaluable nutritional advice.  She has a wide knowledge base – she is full of information about fitness, nutrition and overall well-being.  Briana’s positive outlook is contagious." 

       – Risa P.

"Briana is about exercise, but so much more.  I have learned the importance of drinking 75-100 oz. of water daily, respecting the food pyramid from our youth, buying organic, foam-rolling, stretching properly.  Briana is a tour de force – endlessly enthusiastic, tirelessly committed to health and wellness in all corners of one’s life, relentless if you don’t listen to her the first, or second, or third time. She is one of a kind."

       – John K.


"Briana went above and beyond to provide support nutritionally, physically and spiritually during a very hard time for me. She is so knowledgeable in all aspects of wellness.  Each time we connect I learn something new. She can especially relate because of her fitness education background, so not only can she coach on life and diet, but also offer suggestions for workout tips." 

       – Kaitlyn G.


"When I first met Briana, I had just started out as a personal trainer. She took me under her wing and became a mentor to me. She is a great personal trainer as well as holistic health coach. She taught me about nutrition and how to experiment with new foods. She took the time to train me, and I ran my first half marathon June 2015 because of her. She made me love running!!! Thank you Briana for taking the time to show me just how much you love what you do!"

       – JENNIFER S.


"Briana got me to love working out and taking care of myself.  She taught me how to run.  We even ran a half marathon together!  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer she helped me to eat differently. She taught me what foods to eat and how they help the body, and what foods to avoid. She loves what she does and has a real passion for helping people."

       – DANIELLE I.



"Briana is amazing!  She really helped me to manage my weight and tone my body.  She taught me exercises that I could do on my own, at the gym or at home.  When I found out that I was pregnant I was so grateful that I had Briana to teach me how to modify all of the exercises and my program so that I could continue to manage my weight.  I also discovered that working out is the perfect time to work out one’s frustrations.  I am so lucky that I have her in my life."

       – Josie C.