Breakfast Every Day??

Yes... no... maybe...

Among the dozens of people I work with each day – not to mention all my friends – I don’t get an agreement how important breakfast is to your health.  However, I can’t imagine a nutrition advisor telling you it’s NOT important to start each day with a balanced breakfast.

Eating a “real” breakfast –

·      nourishes and fuels your body to give you energy to start the day

·      gives you a chance to collect your thoughts for the day

·      makes you less likely to start skipping other meals

·      even – according to some research – correlates to weight loss

In terms of what people actually do each day, there are three groups:

* One group believes in a daily breakfast, and NOT waffles or doughnuts.  This bunch favors healthy foods, including ones I have featured in my previous blog posts.  

* A second group does not feel the need, or desire, to have breakfast each day.  One journalist wrote in The New York Times­­ last year, “I’m not hungry at 7:30 a.m., when I leave for work.  In fact, I’m rarely hungry until about lunchtime.”  Usually the reason for this is they have eaten too late at night.

* The final third is inconsistent.   Sometimes breakfast happens – healthy or non-healthy.  Sometimes, it doesn’t.

May I please hear what you think?!