Foam Roll, Foam Roll, Foam Roll . . . Foam Roll

All of you who know me and work with me have heard me say those words – and generally in a loud voice.

So many elements go into keeping your body in the best condition possible.  Foam rolling is in the top five.

What you do with that little foam cylinder, for 15 minutes a day, at least five days a week, can change your life and your performance in your routine.

Almost everyone I’ve converted to foam-rolling has been introduced because they were in pain.  Perhaps their pain was in the knee or behind the knee or they had never practiced the warm-up and cool-down techniques that should be a part of people’s workouts.

Here are just three reasons why regular foam-rolling will make a drastic difference in your enjoyment of fitness:

· It massages your leg muscles – your calves, your quads, your hamstrings, your IT bands.   By slowly rolling over the muscles, you will provide “muscle break-up” to the existing pain and build relief to continue your routine.

· It provides more stability for your planks and pushups, meaning that the most simple elements of your workout can provide more challenge.

· It relaxes the areas of concern.   You can give yourself the benefits of a massage therapist, who will almost always find tension lurking somewhere in your body.

Can we work together with that piece of foam?   I’ll show you things you will never think of on your own, based on what your body needs.

Email me if you need suggestions on which one to buy.