As the dog days of August fade into leaves beginning to fall from the trees, drinking water every day is still very important.

If you are serious about your overall wellness, and especially if you enjoy your workout time, hydrating properly matters as much in any season, just as it did in mid-August.  Yes, that means half your body weight in daily ounces of water.

Some of you might not be sure it’s Briana if I didn’t have an oversized water bottle in hand (okay, often coffee in the mornings!) … regardless of the time of day and time of year.

Here are three folks who will never again mock my fixation on H2O.

·      One client thought he was following my advice and ended up getting rushed to the ER on a weekday afternoon for -- you guessed it -- dehydration

·      Another’s exzema cleared up once she started drinking more water -- and less Gatorade

 ·      A third owes her success in running her initial half marathon, in part, to better hydrating

Proper hydration means daily homework.  

Even I, in the midst of a non-stop 5 a.m.--to--8 p.m. day, sometimes need to remind myself:  hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Want to discuss H2O?  briana@lifesdecisionsblw.com