Have a Healthy Halloween … Seriously?!

Candy corn, Kit Kats, M&Ms.  

A parent can’t help but be excited by the prospect of Halloween and can’t help but fear the candy that two hours racing around town in costume will produce.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  It is true, you won’t make the candy corn disappear, not when Americans buy 20 million pounds a year, the majority of it during the month of October.

But you can provide healthy alternatives to have with one piece of candy chosen by your child each night during the month of November. You can express to your child that he/she is allowed this tradition through Thanksgiving.

Here are five possibilities:  fun snack foods that will do more for a kid’s health than M&Ms.  Buy organic when you can.

homemade vegan pumpkin          ice cream

homemade vegan pumpkin          ice cream

·      Apples:  keep an array of colors on hand to increase their appeal

·      Tangerines:  easy to peel and convenient slices to nosh on

·      Dried fruit slices:  mango and apricot are popular

·      Small boxes of raisins

·      String cheese

Other ideas? Trick or treat! briana@lifesdecisionsblw.com