Eating too much during the holiday weeks is a common problem for most Americans.

Signals this could be happening are familiar, as you,

·     grab a leftover sticky cinnamon bun first thing in the morning

·     have an unplanned milk chocolate bar or slice of cold pizza following lunch

·     scoop a few cookies off a big plate that appears in your office reception area in the late afternoon

·     down a bag of Cheetos half an hour before bed!

Dodging these traps does not have to be that hard.  

First, review my Nov 20, 2015 post (‘Cheating’ 20% of the Time).  Now is a good time to remember:  while you do not have to be perfect, you do have to visualize daily what your day will be like and how you will avoid many of the temptations that await you.  Focus on portion size:  you should know what it takes to leave you satisfied.

Second, keep in mind a couple small stumbles each day are okay.  If there is space in your life for two cookies from that afternoon cookie plate, do it.   Enjoy it.   Don’t beat yourself up.

Third, and perhaps most important, find time for an extra workout class:

·     something cardio

·     perhaps a hot yoga class

·     a new choice, with someone else – 100 B.O.S.U. burpees perhaps??

Find a friend who is experiencing the same challenges you are, and plan on comparing notes each day.   Isn’t that what friends are for?

Good luck!