The Importance of Sleep!

People approach me with all sorts of questions about making themselves look and feel better.   Typical concerns include:

·      How do I lose 20 pounds in two months for a wedding this spring?

·      I don’t have enough aerobic stamina and I’m not patient enough to correct it.

·      What is a good routine to address my lack of upper-body strength?

·      It’s so time-consuming and takes so much planning to incorporate more organic food in my daily consumption.

·      I know drinking more water is good for me, but do I really need to aim for 75 to 100 ounces each day?

“I don’t get enough sleep.”   It’s rare to hear someone volunteer that one.

In fact, sleep is just as important as what you put in your body each day, what your exercise routine is over a week and how much overall balance you maintain in your lifestyle.  Actually, sleep could be the single most important factor.

You may read about Bill Gates and Martha Stewart getting by on four hours a night of sleep, but the truth is the vast majority of adults can not have a happy and productive day without at least seven hours of sleep at night.  Less sleep on a regular basis can impact your physical and mental health, seriously affect your daily efficiency, and – over time – lead to major injuries.

Some people at significant risk include those with long work hours or two jobs, executives with demanding travel schedules and those with overdependence on drugs or alcohol.

Patterns that lead to sleep deprivation are not easy to correct without an honest and supportive significant other or best friend, or guidance from an expert counselor, or an unyielding inner resolve to – as much as possible – maintain consistent bedtimes and wake-up times.

Want to just chat informally over coffee water with me?  I have heard almost every variation on the sleep problem.  

I would love to help you.