Anti-Depressants... Cashews, Bananas, Dark Chocolate … and More!

Not a day goes by without a friend or client telling me he/she is down in the dumps, having a hard time seeing the jar as half full or refillable.

I suggest not going to a doctor, with a guaranteed prescription as an antidote.

There are a wealth of foods whose powerful nutrients are natural anti-depressants.   Sprinkled throughout your day, they are far better for you and your state of mind than any medical solution.

These are eight widely recommended choices as the best pick-me-up sources:

·      bananas

·      tomatoes

·      purple potatoes

·      black-eyed peas

·      nuts, especially cashews and walnuts

·      oregano

·      sunflower seeds

·      dark chocolate

Nothing matches the ease of grabbing a banana on the fly.  Personally, I prefer bananas in combination with other foods, for instance one of my favorite breakfasts – overnight oats (the second recipe on my site, posted October 16, 2015 ), with

·      chia seeds

·      a banana

·      walnuts

·      organic dark chocolate chips

That’s three items from the list … in one meal.

A second personal favorite, especially for healthy snacks on the go, is cashews.  Of course, even a quality snack like cashews means fat calories unless you practice portion control:  I favor one handful daily, or 20 medium-size nuts.  If your lifestyle is genuinely active, then one handful mid-morning and one mid-afternoon will work.

As for dark chocolate – just by itself! -- it is worth spending a bit extra to get the darkest organic chocolate you can find.   If you buy it by the bar, learn to divide it in thirds or quarters at home and wrap those sections separately, so you are not tempted to eat the entire bar in a single sitting, only those three or four small rectangles.

Do you have any ideas for me?