Drinking from Glass, Not Plastic

Is it safer for you to drink from glass?

The next time you are in a gym or fitness studio, look around and you’ll notice the majority of people drinking from plastic containers.  This is troubling:  drinking from plastic can only boost the BPA (bisphenol), a common chemical in most plastics, in your bloodstream.

Plastics contain polycarbonate, which increases your estrogen and other hormones – it is a chemical, not a natural estrogen, which can create harmful side effects, such as

·      learning problems

·      an altered immune system

·      early puberty

·      fertility issues

·      decreased sperm count, and

·      obesity

Moreover, refilling plastic bottles can foster increased bacteria.

·      A client and good friend was in the habit of using all plastic bottles.   When she was diagnosed with cancer, she decided to go glass, because she didn’t want to risk bringing toxins into her body.

·      A second client had an old water bottle that did not say BPA-free.   She went to Bed Bath & Beyond and purchased a glass bottle.

·      Another one was such a holdout that I just bought him a glass bottle… and he never went back to plastic.

The Wilson Sisters

The Wilson Sisters

I am happy to give you a specific recommendation, since good glass containers are not always easy to find through many retail outlets.

Go glass!