Can You Overtrain?

Are you tired, a lot?  Do you have more trouble sleeping?  Do you have muscle soreness developing?  Are mysterious injuries popping up?

You may be overtraining.  That ranges from doing classes back to back when you just did a double the day before, to running at an eight-minute-mile pace when you know you are, at best, a ten-minute miler, to increasing your free weights too much without direct supervision. 

Training means:  workout plus recovery.  If you already work out a lot (every day, twice a day…), stop for a few days.  At the very least, plan an exercise schedule that includes at least one day off a week.

Fuel your body with rest, sleep and hydration.  I am not telling you to stop exercising, I am simply saying you need to understand your body and know when it is crucial to rest for a day, or two.

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