Why Buy Organic?

Americans are increasingly buying organic food, now that it is more readily available, in stores, in restaurants, at farmers’ markets …  Join the party!

Organic means:  chemical-free, pesticide-free, non-GMO, tastier, and more nutritious.  If we protect our soil and water -- because we are not adding chemicals -- we protect our eco-system.  

Yes, buying non-organic is a habit engrained in most of us since childhood, and conversion can take time.

*  One husband and wife I work with still have not been persuaded to buy organic, but now read labels and make better choices.

* A second couple, before their wedding, would think nothing of eating Lucky Charms for dinner.  Over the years they started to remove bad foods from their diet.  When they went through in vitro, they learned about the key organic foods you should eat, notably the “Dirty Dozen,” as well as organic meat and wild seafood.  Now they always try to buy as much organic as they can.

* I took one mother and her two daughters to a local food store and taught them how to buy organic alternatives.  They are hooked.

May I go food-shopping with you some time?!