‘Cheating’ 20% of the Time

The so-called 80/20 rule gets mentioned in much of day-to-day life.  No 80/20 rule matters more than the one that applies to what you eat each day, especially headed into the holiday season.

It is important to eat three meals a day, have a balanced array of foods from each food group, eat slowly, and make sure you sit down and enjoy what is in front of you. 

So much of nutrition stems from lifestyle choices. 

·     One client struggles to stay below 200 pounds, and, although she does not work full-time, there are so many parts to her household planning, dinner one night might be tacos, with several margaritas the next and skipping it entirely the next. The importance of her health is not number one.

 ·     Another answers the stresses of her high-pressure job with drinks each night, sometimes two bowls of pasta for dinner.  Even a 60/40 balance is a challenge.

·     A third will not give up evening cocktails.

·     And a fourth cannot sacrifice the 3:00 weekday Snickers break.

You can… cheat, 20% of the time.  That might mean a piece of birthday cake, brownie or cookie, an extra glass of wine, a piece of chocolate (preferably dark), chips you enjoy because you want the salt, even one slice of bread from the bread basket at a special night out. 

No question, to establish balance in your life and apply it consistently to what you put in your body is challenging.   Maybe a friend can help you with NUTRITION ADVISING… maybe an empathetic spouse… 

Maybe, me!