Giving Thanks

To most people, Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays when it comes to … family.  And family means all sorts of emotions.

Emotions can create: 

·     pressure to have a third helping of stuffing, 

·     a path back into the kitchen, and nibbling on bits of leftover apple pie crust,

·     the need for yet another glass of wine.

It’s always important to be in touch with why you are giving thanks today, and hold on to those feelings through the long weekend, and beyond.

While you’re at it, this afternoon, strike up a conversation with a family member who is shy and seems to be feeling the pressure to have ‘family holiday fun.’ Assuming there is a sit-down meal, consider offering a brief but heartfelt toast, singling out the person, or people, responsible for the meal.  An hour after the meal, suggest an outdoor family walk.

Above all, inside your head and your heart, give thanks.   In the words of an anonymous proverb, “Who does not thank for little will not thank for much.”