Across the Generations… Chapter 2

A decade ago, Briana started training my Mom, who was into working out.  Then, in 2009, as a high school junior, I started getting interested in working out too, not because I was looking to lose weight, but because my parents wanted me to lead a healthy lifestyle.  One day, my Mom said, ‘Why don’t you try working out with my trainer?’ 

Grace W. & Malissa W. (MOM)

Grace W. & Malissa W. (MOM)

It wasn’t until senior year that I finally decided to meet Briana, after hearing about her for years.  We hit it off right away. I knew she was the real deal because of how sore I was after the first session.

Not only did she get me in shape that summer, but she prepared me for my first year of college.   She taught me what to do while I was away by giving me a program of exercises I could follow.  I continued to see her on and off through college. I even asked for training sessions as part of my graduation gift.

I understand why my mom loved her so much. I now feel the same way. She has taught me so many things about life.  She is a very positive influence in my life.  Not only is she my trainer, she is my friend and my life coach.

-- Grace W.