Products that have shaped my life

How do you choose what you will wear, or what products you will use? It’s all about quality and what works for you over time. It has taken me over a decade to finally find the brands and companies I love, and each and every one of them have helped make a difference in my life.

I used to buy sneakers based on color, style or what was on sale -- and not how they truly felt while I was wearing them.  A decade ago I went into a local running store and tried on a perfect pair of Asics.   I loved the style, the color and more importantly how they felt when I ran, exercised and worked.  I’ve never have gone back to wearing anything else.
Following my first 50-pound weight loss, my mentor gave me a pair of Lululemon pants as a congratulatory gift.  When I put them on I felt like a different person. They gave me confidence in my body, and that has never changed.  I wear everything from pants to hoodies, tank to tees.  I run, work, sleep, and travel in them.  They are a part of me every day.
TriggerPoint Therapy
When was the last time you were in pain?  At a conference years ago, I was having bad knee pain and noticed a brightly colored table with balls, foam rollers and sticks. I was intrigued. I picked up one of the sticks, started to push on different parts of my leg (self  myofascial release), and almost immediately felt restorative effects.  At that moment, I was amazed by TriggerPoint Therapy and have never stopped learning about their products, which are a vital part of my life and my clients’ lives. 
How do you choose where you buy your groceries? If I lived in a climate-based environment where I could buy local and organic food year-round, I would. Whole Foods is second best to a local organic farmers market.  Whether it is the numbering system in the meat department, careful placement in produce or the variety of products throughout the store, it is a one-stop shop for me.  Buying organic can be expensive, but Whole Foods has great sales and their own brand in organic, which makes decisions easy. 
Do you know of an all-natural vegan skin care line?  A good friend of mine owns Zen Society. One day she gave me samples to try her product. I used the samples for a week and not only did I love them, I truly embraced the ingredients and quality of the product. Everything the locally-based company produces reflects my belief that what you put on your skin is as important as what you put in your mouth.