Laziness is a lot more widespread than it needs to be.

Never let unimportant things push away the desire to change.

It’s hard when you get to the bottom of a hill and need to pick yourself up and work your way back up the hill.  Everyone is looking for the easy way out, the perfect pill, understanding that it does not happen overnight, rather than following the slow and steady steps you need to pursue.

Outlining a balanced life for yourself is the starting point.  Without that, you likely will never be able to accomplish the goals you need to.


It begins with self-love.  There are times you need to sit back and look at your life, understanding that you have a good life.  Health, family, friends, a roof over your head, and food on the table -- cherish what you have.  Then, you can think about making a change.

We tend to constantly run at over 100%, without stopping to take a breath. Being busy does not mean you are not lazy.  Sometimes, you need to stop what you are doing to make a change.  Finding a sense of being on this earth is so important – realizing we all have a purpose.

I don’t think I have ever been lazy.  There have been times when I have given in to emotional eating; I would eat my way through my emotions.  I had to discover that running is my Xanax– it is what makes me tick, keeps me from sliding back into emotional eating and keeps me focused on my goals.

Not sliding back is the challenge for many of us:

·      One client has cut back on his passion for Chinese food, but still consumes it – in ample quantities – three nights a week

·      One good friend has learned to live without consuming so much televised sports … then will turn on a basketball game, and, before he realizes it, will have watched two hours

·      Running plays a similar role in the life of one colleague of mine, but she allows herself to go weeks, even months, at a time, without once hitting the roads

Anyone can work toward a goal.  You do so many things without even thinking – brushing your teeth once or twice a day, grabbing a train or bus to and from work, putting clean clothes on in the morning and placing them in your dirty laundry container at night.

Why can’t you dig in to those other things begging for your attention?

Would you like to talk about it some time?