Beat the Heat, Cut the Booze … Try Mocktails!

Happy first day of summer 2016!

Did you just ask yourself what a mocktail is??  Your guess is right -- a fun-filled drink that has only natural sugars, is low in calories and has ZERO booze!

photo credit Penney DeMattio

photo credit Penney DeMattio

The definition of a mocktail:  A nonalcoholic drink consisting of a mixture of fruits and juices.

Well I have taken it to the next level … Add all organic ingredients, even a full unpeeled lime or lemon … to make a delicious zesty drink for all the NON-drinkers at the party or beach.

Now, you don’t have to commit yourself to a full-day, all-week regimen of water and burning all the extra calories you would have consumed.

The possibilities are endless…

You can find my favorite-of-the-moment here, with my recipe list.

Holler if you want more ideas!