How to Survive in a Snowstorm

You may recall that winter storm Juno interrupted the relative calm, weather-wise, of January 2015.

And now storm Jonas has done that to us in 2016.

Were you ready for the forced one-day hibernation?   Did too much TV get viewed?  Did you walk to Dunkin Donuts and have two, or three, muffins?

Now is a good time to prepare for our next round of white stuff, or an ice storm, or whatever awaits us during the winter of 2016.

Every household probably has its own ideas for using that unplanned family time.  Here are half a dozen of mine that may work for you in some combination.

·      Some screen time is fine, but not too much.   Try to spend as much of it as possible in a common area, not each person on his or her own device in a different corner of the house.

·      Pick a movie the entire family can agree on and watch it together.   Then, maybe talk about it over organic hot chocolate or hot tea.

·      Plan a family walk, over land if you’re in a good area to do that, or along neighboring streets if they’re clear and you keep a sharp eye out for remaining plows … as long as you all have already been out to shovel the driveway, together.

·      Naps!

·      Try to make a nourishing – and healthy – family dinner happen.   Maybe everyone could take part in the actual meal preparation.  Or, perhaps there is a group baking project:  organic vegan chocolate cake?!  (See me!)

·      How about a family arts and crafts project?  Clear the kitchen table, bring out stickers, scissors and paste.  Put paper up against the wall, pretend it’s an easel and let the kids paint away.  Let the weather be an inspiration:  snowmen made out of marshmallows, or cutting out large snowflakes.

Do you have novel ideas for me?

And, remember, the first day of spring is only 54 days away!