Briana's life lessons have led her to sharing the art of healthy living.

Always called the “big kid”

Some clients think of her as a cheerleader. Others, as a drill sergeant. Most say, both. Briana Walegir, called the “big kid” in elementary school, is a charismatic and tireless holistic health coach and personal trainer known and revered throughout Connecticut and the tri-state area.


Became a personal trainer in early 20’s

Born and raised in California, transplanted to the East Coast in her teens, Briana’s early work experience with a leading health food company honed her natural acumen for sales, marketing and retail interaction at all levels. New York Sports Club spotted her while she was running a major marketing event.  She then became a personal trainer and group exercise instructor in her early 20’s.  She taught and educated herself via a self-designed short-term crash course, with the oversight of a vigilant mentor. Through the past dozen years, Briana has developed broad expertise and a unique style, adding professional certifications along the way.


                                                          BEFORE & AFTER

Major changes and life’s decisions

Her deep sense of fitness stems from a series of profound personal changes:

  • a 100-pound weight loss, spurred by the self-realization, after a trip to Bermuda, that to be a successful personal trainer she also needed conform to the image of one
  • a severe auto accident that halted her own training for more than a year and opened her eyes to the power of yoga
  • the diagnosis of her beloved mother’s cancer, unleashing her plunge into the study of holistic health
  • her mother’s death in early 2015, fueling the desire to launch her own business


Body + lifestyle + wellness

Founded in 2015, Life’s Decisions BLW (Body.Lifestyle.Wellness) offers anyone challenged by any combination of health and fitness issues a rare opportunity to tap into deep inner reserves and reach for new levels of wellness, under Briana’s inspirational guidance.  Life’s Decisions BLW is based on the philosophy that each decision one makes – whether related to exercise, food or lifestyle – is medicine for the body.  Each positive decision can enhance overall well-being.


No shortcuts

Whether age 20, 50 or 80, clients appreciate Briana’s passion, energy, humor, endless knowledge, and her unwillingness to settle for shortcuts to achieving optimal health.